The allure of the old is back in fashion.


The son of an antiques dealer, Philippe Harros created Quidam de Revel with Emmanuelle in 2001.

Philippe and Emmanuelle have been collecting fashion clothing and accessories for more than 20 years, specialising in haute couture and luxury ready-to-wear that covers the whole of the 20th Century, thereby forming a genuine fashion archive. Today, they are recognised for the unique depth and variety of their collection, which is mainly dedicated to French fashion. They happily receive clients by appointment in their apartment/showroom in Paris’s 10th arrondissement. Their collection is regularly consulted by clients from the worlds of fashion, cinema and museums.

In addition, they are collectors of antique jewellery, and as a result in 2015 they opened a boutique-gallery to the public that’s located in the heart of the city’s Marais area. Their collection is both challenging and very personal, eminently modern and timeless, poetic and original.